Engaging your kids in different kinds of activities is very important to keep a child’s brain active while still having fun and enjoying their time. So here I am sharing a few Fun Learning Activities For Kids  which I have tried with my daughter at home. Hope you keep your kids busy and learning by following these interesting activities ideas for kids.

1. Salt Painting

This is a really fun activity to do with the kids and also, its super easy. You just need to create a design on your page or sketch your child’s favourite character. Apply thick coating of glue and sprinkle salt on the full sketch. Let it dry. Tilt the excess salt if any or blow off. Mix food color or water color in liquid form. Dense colors give darker shade. Use paint brush to gently paint onto the salt. Pick color and drop it on the salt. The color keeps spreading. The salt absorbs or soaks up the water through a chemical action. Salt is Hygroscopic which means that it can absorb water and spreads it. So we need not paint.

2. Surface Tension

I filled a tray with water, without it spilling. Put a piece of paper on it. Add a drop of soap liquid to the water, the paper will move. This is because the water surface tension gets disturbed. Water tend to pull its molecules towards each other and hence the paper moves. You can try it with pepper powder too. For kids its a magic and they would definitely love it.

3. Drawing Butterfly in MS Paint

Technical education is today’s necessity. You can introduce your child to computer knowledge by some simple and easy drawing in MS Paint. This is very easy and kids will enjoy it. I started with drawing a Butterfly.  Draw the body by simply choosing oval shape and then selecting heart shapes to draw the wings. Draw its face using oval and antennae by simply using lines. Teach them to fill colors in wings.

4. Blow Painting and Pulled String Art

For Blow Art,  I watered down some paint to make it easier to blow. Added drop of paint to paper and gave my daughter a straw and made to blow it to  make the paint move. You can put some googly eyes to make it as a creature. Next we tried String Art. You just need to pour water colors into jars. Fold your paper in half. Coat your string in paint. You may paint the thread in different color combinations. Move the string into any shape or position. Close the paper. Gently pull the string. Kids can create multiple designs through it.

5. Odd Man Out Activity

In order to teach my daughter the concept of same and different, I tried a fun game at home. I took some simple  items which are easily available at home. I placed three identical things and one another type of item in each of the sets. My daughter needed to remove the odd item. This is a simple activity but it will help kids develop differentiation between similar and different things.

I hope these activities will be of some use to the parents. If  you have any feedback, you are most welcome to write to me.

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