Best Thermocol Craft Ideas

This article is going to touch upon Best Thermocol Craft Ideas. So without further ado, Let’s begin.
While doing cleaning of the house for Diwali, I found a long, waste piece of thermocol which I wanted to reuse and make something useful for our house.
So, I started exploring some ideas and finally I decided to make a small Wall Hanging, Swan couple sculpture and a Snowman.
These are very easy and fun to make and can be made in different colors, shapes and sizes.

1. HOME DECORATION WALL HANGING – Best Thermocol Craft Ideas

To reuse the waste thermocol, I first collected all of them at a place and then I drew small hearts, flowers, leaves etc. on the thermocol pieces with pencil and cut it according to the shapes, with the help of knife and gave it a nice finishing with the help of blade. You can use cutter to cut the thermocol.

I painted the Hearts with different colors like Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Blue, using paint brush. Let it dry for sometimes.
Once it is dry, you can stick it to a colorful ribbon with the help of double sided Sellotape and hang it to the wall. A beautiful and inexpensive wall hanging is ready within no time.

2. Swan couple sculpture home décor – Best Thermocol Craft Ideas

I drew two swans on a long piece of thermocol and cut these according to the shapes. It can be of any shape and size, as per your wish and availability of waste thermocol. Now carefully cut it with knife or cutter. Cut the edges in the body of the swan. Make its eye with Black marker or Black paint and make its beak with Red color.
I just fixed the swan couple on a thermocol cutting with double sided Sellotape and sticked a red colored Heart in the middle.

3. Thermocol snowman

My daughter wanted a snowman for Christmas and wanted to play with it, so when I found two round parts of the thermocol from a Bowl set box, I decided to make a Snowman out of it. This is so easy, simple and attractive.

I just cut the round parts and gave nice finishing to it with blade.
I sticked the two round circles with the help of sellotape.

Snowman Hat

I made the snowman hat from a green color chart paper. I drew the hat on chart paper and cut it accordingly.
You can choose black color or any other color you want. I cut a red colored rectangular strip and pasted it on hat. I fixed the hat on the Upper part of the thermocol.

Snowman Eyes and Mouth

Then, I cut circles from black chart paper for the eyes, mouth and buttons. You can also draw the eyes, mouth and buttons with black marker, if you do not have black chart paper.

Snowman Nose

Cut an orange color paper in a triangle shape for the nose.
Add a bit of glue on the orange triangle and stick it on the snowman.

Snowman Muffler – Best Thermocol Craft Ideas

I wrapper a red color ribbon around its neck and within few minutes our small and cute snowman was ready.

So these were the few Best craft ideas out of Thermocol, by which I reused Waste Thermocol and got the Best out of waste.

Hope, this article How to Reuse Thermocol, would be of some use to you, as the Christmas festival is also arriving and you will definitely want to try this cute, little snowman.

Thank you for reading!!!

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