Cisco IVR design and development

In this article we will discuss about CISCO IVR Design and Development for beginners. I hope after reading this article it will give you basic idea of what IVR design and development is and how to start your career in this growing field.

Before we start let me introduce myself. I am Rahul Gupta and I have around 10 years of experience in the field of IVR design and development. I have worked many types of Telecom Industries. I love to share my knowledge with others as I believe that we have learnt everything from society and we must give it back.

This world has many technologies to learn and discuss. today I have picked rear IVR technology which we use is common life frequently like 911 help line, 121 customer service, 191 complaint service, 1800 service and many more. my focus will be on Cisco IVR system.

There are many Contact center companies like Avaya, Genesys, czentrix. I will explain you about Cisco Contact center IVR development.

what is IVR? this is interactive voice response. You will listen commonly in this technology following words

  1. IVR – interactive voice response
  2. DNIS – Dialed Number Identification Service
  3. DTMF – Dual-tone multi-frequency
  4. ANI – Automatic Number Identification
  5. CLI – Calling Line Identification
  6. ICM – Intelligent Contact Management
  7. RCK/RCD – Router call Key/Router call Key day
  8. Call Studio – Ide to develop IVR application
  9. VXML– Voice Extensible Markup Language
  10. PTSN – Public Switched Telephone Network
  11. JTAPI Java Telephony Application Programming Interface
  12. CTI – Computer telephony integration
  13. VRU – voice response unit

Basic development of the application Please use you-tube link

You can watch more at my Youtube Channel by clicking here.

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