Easy and Fun Learning Activities for Kids

In order to make learning easy and fun you should try teaching your kids through activities as it helps create interest. By doing activities together you can make the boredom period fun and productive for both of you.

I would like to share a few activities with you all and if you like them, do give it a shot with your kids.


Making an impression with Finger &Thumb Impressions!!!
Art activities are important for brain development in early childhood. Messy play like Finger Painting and thumb printing help the child in body and mind integration and is also a most relaxing and creative way to express feelings. You can try this on a heavy paper, cardboard or pasteboard. Paper such as copy paper or the like tends to result in a big torn up mess from the use of thin color. I tried it with simply drawing an outline of a tree with well-spread branches using brown sketch pen. My daughter colored the tree outline with dark brown paint. We used red, orange and yellow colors paints for the flowers which she applied with her fingers. Kids can use any colors of their choice for finger painting.


You can do plenty of paper crafts using chart papers, which will also develop kids imaginations. Arts and craft activities help instill a sense of achievement and pride in children and also boost their confidence and foster creativity. Me and my daughter did many crafts together to avoid boredom. You can choose your child’s favorite cartoon character or things they like, for these crafts.


Activities using tongs are great for helping kids develop the strength and Eye-hand coordination. You can use kitchen tongs to promote kids fine motor skills. Take a small basket, fill pom poms in it. Insert a rope through the basket. Challenge the kid to pick up the pom pom using tong.


Try making your own clay for your little ones. It is easy! We just took Maida, Salt, Oil and Water to make play dough. Added some glitters and colors. Kids can mold the clay into any shape and can learn through fun as well.


Once you set your child on the path of learning, it will continue as long as your child shows interest. You should introduce some basic general knowledge to kids during the initial stage in a very fun and interactive way! That will help them to be more confident and improve their awareness in diverse life areas. You can pretend play with them as teacher and student and ask them questions as per their age.


This simple STEM project is a fun science and art activity in one. Children will watch their handmade paper flowers magically unfold and will be excited. Draw a flower, cut and fold the petals and put it in water. It will bloom.

I hope you like these simple and easy fun learning activities and will try with your children as well.

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