Helping Hands Are Better Than Praying Lips

Helping Hands Vs Praying Lips, Let us start this post with a question. When was the last time you really helped someone? No, I’m not talking about that “help” where you expected something in return. I’m talking about that genuine, self-less , unconditional act of kindness where you knew very well that the person you are helping probably can’t give you anything in return, where you knew very well that you might not even see that person again in your life. You helped them just because it made you feel better and your day a bit brighter. Basically, this is the real definition of helping someone.

Be the change you want to see

Now, isn’t it strange that when we are in need of a helping hand, we expect all of our friends and people who are in life to come out as a savior for us but when it’s the other way round we rarely go out of our way to do the same?
Why is it that borrowing money from someone is seen as perfectly normal but when it comes to lending, we feel like they are asking for one of our kidneys?


Believe it or not, we often take people who help us for granted. We think that they are liable to do things for us. The world comes crashing down for us only when they stop doing it. The reason behind this is that the world has made us so self-centered that it’s always about “us”. We are so much confined within the boundaries of our small lives that we hardly try to do any act for others. But the funniest part is that when it comes to be at the receiving end, we never hesitate to enjoy the perks.

Kind is not coward

The thing which I have observed is that there is not much kindness left in most of the people. The biggest reason behind this is that people who are generous and kindhearted are seen as more of impractical and emotional. These traits are not seen as a good quality in today’s “practical” world. I have even seen people getting called as “fake” and “show-off” just because they were trying to do something to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Others opinion don’t matter

It does not even matter what others say about you while you are doing something to make someone’s life better. If it makes you feel good, then just go do it. So the next time when you feel like showing some care for someone , don’t hesitate. Do it and do it with all of your heart and soul.


To conclude Helping Hands Vs Praying Lips, I just want to say that try to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds. Be a ray of light in someone’s too often dark world. It may not give you anything materialistic in return. However, it will surely give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of being alive. No money in the world can buy this.

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