How To Develop A Child’s Imagination

Imagination plays an important role in our mental health. Albert Einstein once said, ‘the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’. It means that only storing knowledge is not enough. Imagination fosters cognitive and social development. Critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities are very essential for  children’s development. You just need to be excited about each and everything they say and do. That will make them tell you whatever they think without fearing judgement. That will make them think creatively. I am sharing a few tips/imaginary questions that will help foster a child’s imagination.

1.Show them a picture and ask What do you see in this picture?

2. If you were Itty bitty (tiny) where would you want to live?

3. If i give you Rs. 500, where and how will you spend it? This way you will get to know about your children’s interests and hobbies and also how they manage money.

4 What would you do if you came to earth as an alien?

5. Look at clouds and find images.

6. If you have a party and can only have things that begin with the first letter of your name. What would you have? Why?

7. Give them a random item and ask them what does it look like. Give them 5 random words and ask for a short story using all the words.

8. Ask them to imagine if they were an animal or insect, what would they do?

9. What super hero would you like to be and What would you do with your superpower?

10. Open Ended Questions. Ask them to continue a story that you start and that is made up.

11. Read them at least one book every night and ask them to imagine what happened after the story to the characters.

12. After reading a story ask them questions about the story. If you were part of the story, what would be your character’s name and what role would you play in the story?

13. If you were a tree, What would you do?

14. What would you do if you had wings?

15. What would you do if you were the PM of your country?

16. If you were a teacher what subject would you teach and why?

17. Depending on their age help them to write a poem with words that rhythm.

18. Imagine what would the world look like after 10 years.

19. If you were the head of the family, what would you have done?

20. “Would you rather…?” questions. Would you rather…Live in a teapot, or a flowerpot? Drive a car or a train? Be a butterfly or a bat? Live on a boat or on an airplane? Be a great dancer or a great painter? Have dogs or cats? Be able to fly or breathe underwater? Be invisible or be able to fly?

Hope you like my post. Happy learning!!!

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