Jakarta To Bali Road Trip

Jakarta to Bali is almost around 1300 KM. I would not recommend to do this trip in one day. We had divided Jakarta to Bali by road trip in two days.

  • Day -1 is all about Jakarta to Surabaya by Road
  • Day-2 is all about Surabaya to Bali by road

Day one – Jakarta to Surabaya


Jakarta to Surabaya is around 750 KM. Apart from many wonderful things Jakarta is also popular for its heavy traffic at the weekends that is the reason it is a good idea to start your journey during weekdays.

We started from Jakarta early morning at around 04:00 AM on Saturday as we were travelling when the new normal has just started so there wasn’t any traffic in spite of being Saturday. Starting our journey as early as 4:00 AM ensured that we don’t get stuck in day time traffic of Jakarta by any chance.

Getting car and other essentials ready

  • Make sure you get your car in ready to drive condition for a long Trip of 1500+ KM
  • Get car’s Petrol Tank full. It will save you time to refuel.
  • Buy a card which you can use to make a payment for toll and other parking area charges. You can buy a card at any of the convenient stores such as Indomart, Alfamart or other similar convenient stores.
  • Take a sound sleep before starting the Trip, as it is going to be a long drive, so it is very important that you rest well before starting the trip.

Driving License

  • If you are driving the car, make sure you are carrying International driving license or you have Indonesian Driving License. In my case I did not have an International driving license, so I got Indonesian driving license made before my travel.
  • Carry car papers such as STNK always with you as this will be required whenever any police check happens.

Food and Water is important

  • Buy adequate water and snacks so you don’t have to stop often to buy these things. This will save you a lot of your time.

List down rest areas you would want to stop

  • Plan for Rest areas at which you want to stop. Try to divide the complete 750 KM journey in 4 to 5 small parts which means that you can take a break at every 125 to 150 KM. This will ensure you stay refreshed.

Do not travel at night

  • Do not travel at night, as you can see in the video, most of the places at highway do not have highway lights, or at-least they don’t seem to be as good as it should be. It is going to be quite dark at night.

Hotels Location in Surabaya Matters

  • Book your hotel in Surabaya near Surabaya toll so that you can get out of Surabaya next day as soon as possible. If you are taking a hotel in the city center of Surabaya than it will be consuming more time and effort to drive in and out of city center.

Prepare for emergency situations

  • I would advise is to Keep emergency kit and some basic medicines ready with you.

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Day 2 – Surabaya To Bali By Road

Jakarta To Bali Trip Day 2 is all about reaching from Surabaya to Bali.

Starting early is the key !!!

We started from Surabaya from early morning, almost around 00:04 AM. By the sunrise we had already crossed most of the parts where traffic is expected. It took us 5 hours to reach to Banyuwangi Harbor.

Covid Test Report is Mandatory

We got the shock of the trip when we heard that entry is not allowed if we don’t have Covid 19 Test Reports. However we soon found the solution and there was a gentleman who helped us to find the nearest hospital where Covid 19 Rapid got done. Since it was Sunday, So most of the clinics or hospitals were closed, but he was aware of the one which remains open on Sunday. Because of him we were able to get Covid 19 test done and get the results verified, results verification was one of the mandatory checks during new normal. Let’s see the rest in the video

Price for Ferry with car package is 180,000 IDR which is equivalent to approximately 900 INR. Travel time in Ferry is only about 30 Minutes. You can book ferry online from here.

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Jakarta To Bali
My picture in a beautiful morning sunny day in Bali.

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