Mittu and the Yellow Mango Story for Grade 1 students

In this article, we are going to read the story of Mittu and the Yellow Mango. The story describes us the the intelligence and wit of a parrot who wants to eat mango. He is fond of mangoes. The crow sitting on the mango tree, is very aggressive and unfriendly.

Mango is our national fruit, which everyone loves to eat in summers. It is yellow in color and is very sweet in taste.

Let us read the story in detail to know more about the clever parrot and how he becomes successful in eating the yummy mango.

Mittu and the Yellow Mango Story in English for Class 1

Listen and enjoy this story.

Mittu was a parrot. A green parrot with a red beak.

One day Mittu was flying. He loves to fly. He looked down.

Mittu saw a big yellow mango on a tree.

Mittu liked mangoes. ” I want to eat that yellow mango,” He said.

He flew down to the tree.

” Caw, caw, go away. This is my tree,” said a voice. Mittu looked up.

He saw a big black crow.

” Caw, caw, go,go,” the crow shouted. He had a very loud voice. ”

Mittu was afraid of the crow. He flew away.

But, here, now we are going to see that Mittu will come back with a brilliant idea.

What is Mittu’s idea?

So, let us read the remaining part of the story to know more about how Mittu will succeed in eating the juicy mango.

Mittu saw a red balloon. It was under a tree. He had an idea.

Mittu picked up the red balloon. He was careful not to burst it. He flew to the Mango tree.

The crow was sitting on the tree. Mittu went behind the tree.

He pecked the balloon with his red beak.

“Pop! The balloon burst. It made a loud noise.

“Caw!” said the crow. And he fell off the tree.

” Caw, caw, a big gun is after me,” said the crow. He flew away. He never came back to the tree.

Mittu came to the tree. He ate the big yellow mango.

” Yummy yummy,

what a nice mango!” he said.

He was very happy.

Clever Mittu!

You can watch the video for more clarity about the story. Here, I am explaining the whole story in Hindi also.

I hope the post will be useful for the homeschooling mothers as well, which is my idea behind writing the article.

Thank you very much,

Poonam Jha

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