In life, often there comes a point when we move to a new city or a new county because of any reason whether it is getting a new job, switching jobs, Starting a new life or any other reasons. Mostly girls have to leave their hometown after marriage. This guide is going to be your friendly guide when moving to a new city and adjusting there.

Leaving Your State and Hometown

Moving to a new place is both a mix of excitement and nervousness. You feel happy about getting an opportunity to explore new world and new ideas and feel sad and anxious about leaving a place where you have spent a good amount of time.

My Mom’s Story

My parents got married in 1983. They basically belong to Bihar. At the time of their marriage my father was working in Jalandhar, Punjab. After marriage my mom stayed in Bihar with my grandparents for 3 years and my father came back to Punjab.


In 1986 my mom finally moved to Punjab with my father, leaving her hometown forever. It was a turning point in her life. She tells me when she came to Punjab, it was totally a new environment for her.
She did not even speak proper Hindi, as in Bihar, Bhojpuri language is spoken, while in Punjab, Punjabi
language is used. So for this reason, she was afraid of stepping out of the house. She did not go out anywhere for over two years. She even cried at times when she failed to understand what the other person is trying
to tell her.

My father used to go to his office while she stayed at home all alone. She tells me that sometimes even when
she craved for eating something, she could not, because she did not know the name of that thing in Punjabi language.


After a few years she dared to step out of the house with a friendly Punjabi neighbor who could help her and slowly she started understanding the language of the ‘Punjabis’.
Till date, my parents can not speak in Punjabi but they understand it really well. Punjabi people talked to them in their own language and they always reverted back in Hindi language.

Me and my both the brothers are born and raised in Punjab. We lived there for approximately 33 years in rented houses.
Earlier no body in our town used to recognize us and we were being outcast as a small town people from Bihar living in rented house. For many years we were not being invited to their birthday parties, wedding functions
or any other auspicious occasions. It always worried me that why aren’t we getting accepted here.

Slowly With time, continuous efforts, soft spoken and well behaved nature my parents made their place in everyone’s heart. People started accepting us with open arms. Icing on the cake was when my mom started stitching clothes, people in our society used to admire her work. They come to our home for getting their
clothes stitched.

Slowly, we also started mixing up with new people. Now we were being invited to the wedding parties. We got some identity.
We almost spent 25 years in the same residential society in a rented home. People especially,
our landlord family was quite helpful and supportive during all those times. We were living like a family.

Moving To a New State for Another Time

In 2019, we moved to Noida, Uttar Pradesh from Punjab. It is actually heartbreaking to leave the place where you are born, raised, made lot of friends, visited several places and have the beautiful memories of your childhood and adolescence. This place is totally different from Punjab in many ways. Here we are living a flat.

Earlier I did not like the place much as it was quite a different environment for me. People living in flats are least
bothered about other’s lives which is both good and bad.

Earlier you find it difficult to cope with the situation which becomes easy once you adapt yourself to the place. In next section of this article “GUIDE TO MOVE TO A NEW CITY” we will be discussing about some tips to make you quickly comfortable to a new place.



When it comes to the GUIDE TO MOVE TO A NEW CITY, I recommend to Join Society’s WhatsApp Groups to remain updated about the upcoming events and programs celebrations, organizing meetings, get togethers. Have fun group conversations. There are many WhatsApp  Business Advertising Groups, where you can easily find clients, can buy and sell any products and services.


Join Facebook Groups of the new area you moved to. Make new Facebook friends of that area. Join local groups related to kids and parents, moms, teachers and parents, buy and sell groups. You will soon end up making many new and good friends at work or in your neighbor.


If you are a homemaker then in your free time you can teach the children of your area by taking home tuitions. This way you can keep yourself busy and while teaching them you will definitely learn something new everyday. Many working parents do not have sufficient time for their kids’ homework and other assignments and they keep on searching for a helping hand who can teach their kids.


Go out of the house in the evening at park or gym. Take initiative in talking to the people. But do not disturb the one’s who are not interested in talking to you. Find persons with similar likes and tastes, have a positive approach to everyone.


On weekends, plan going out with your family and friends. Visit shopping complex and malls, watch movies. Ask recommendations on WhatsApp and Facebook groups and try to explore those places whenever you have sufficient time.


Get to know a little bit about your destination before you head out, do some research on travel blogs. Make a note of all the important addresses. Inform yourself as much as possible.

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