Facebook – Biggest Social Media of current era

In this article I am going to talk about Facebook , which is the biggest Social Media of current era. We will read the Uses and Abuses of Facebook in India.

About Facebook:

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg In mid-2004. Facebook is one of the most important and useful social media platforms used for communication. It enables us to stay in touch with far flung family, relatives and friends, make new connections. At times it also helps to discover the people we were looking for and thought we had lost forever.

These days even small kids have their Facebook profiles. Talking about myself, I even had my first mobile phone at the age of 22-23. But it’s good to see that time has changed and people these days are more advanced and tech-savvy.

Now, let us read about the uses and abuses of the Facebook.


In order to know the the uses and abuses of the Facebook, first let’s get started with the various uses of the Facebook.

1. Overnight Facebook Popularity or Justice

Facebook allow its users to create free profiles in no time. Once your account is ready, you can share posts, medias and anything you would like. These days its used as a powerful weapon to help the poor and the needy. A likeable Facebook video gets shared in no time. So your voice is not unheard.

Baba Ka Dhaba

One of the uses of Facebook is that it gives you a voice. Latest example is Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba. An elderly couple running a small eatery, Baba ka Dhaba in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar had been struggling since the lockdown. A video about their hardships, which was shot by a food blogger aiming to crowdsource funds for the couple, brought to nation attention. The video, Their plight moved thousands across the county who stepped forward to support the couple facing challenging times due to coronavirus pandemic.

Social Media changed life of Baba ka Dhaba
Baba Ka Dhaba

2. Community Groups Nearby Your Area

When you move to a new city or area, you can join several groups of the new area you moved to. You can connect to them and make new friends to talk and share your feelings and emotions. There are several Buy and Sell Groups, Parenting Groups, Activities Ideas For Kids Groups, Arts, Crafts Groups, Local Moms Groups in general, which you can join and get benefitted to. You will end up making friends at work and your neighborhood too which were earlier unknown to you.

3. Getting tons of Friends through Facebook

Some people even meet and fall in love on Facebook and also getting married via Facebook. In fact, couples who meet on social networking sites such as Facebook are more likely to be satisfied with their marriages than those who meet in other traditional offline ways.

Uses of Social Media
Uses of Social Media

You may also find some good friends on Facebook who may understand and support you, boost your morale at times when you feel low or depressed. Sometimes it is easier to talk about your problems to a stranger than it is to a friend.

4. Jobs searches through Facebook

you can also look for Jobs on Facebook and it will show you jobs nearby.  It can be found on the left sidebar under the Explore heading, but its placement will vary for each user. Some users will find Jobs at the top while others will have to click “See More…” to scroll and find it. There are several Job Postings Groups which are designed to bring employers and people searching for jobs together to create a perfect match for each other.

5. Promote your business through Facebook

You can promote your Facebook pages, websites, YouTube channels, workshops, your products, upcoming online projects and ventures through Facebook. There are a lot of groups where you can promote your products and services and can make a good earning online, by selling them.

I also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ISupportFreeEducation/ where I share my blogs and useful information about various topics and help people learn something useful.

So, these are the various uses of the Facebook.


Now, let’s try to find out the disadvantages or abuses of the Facebook.


Be very careful of who you add on Facebook. Do not add anyone until and unless you know them personally. Always check mutual friends list, profile and the types of posts they did in past, before accepting any request. If you get any request and find something weird simply block them and report to Facebook. Beware of the fraud accounts. Recently I saw many people posted on their walls about a new scam on FB where people used to take your Profile photos or any photo on your FB wall and open a fictitious account and then invite all your friends and borrow money using your second fictitious account with your photo on it.

Disadvantage of Social Media Such as Facebook


There are many scammers on Facebook who make fool of the people by making fake profiles and offering them jobs or work and get money in the name of registration fee. Once their work is done, they will block you immediately. So its better to use your own brain. Never provide your phone number to anyone you don’t know. Don’t accept any offers and private email talk without proper verification.


Sometimes it happens that you discover Facebook profiles of your old friends whom you had lost, and you again connect to them on Facebook. Sometimes they themselves send you friend requests and you accept that without giving it a second thought but what I have noticed lately is some people are just interested to keep a check on you, that what is going on in your personal or professional life. They have nothing to do with your achievements, they are never going to like your pictures but don’t you dare think that they might be busy in their lives, they are not. They are watching you and are being jealous of your success.

Facebook Friends are not Real

4. Facebook is Addictive

Some people are so obsessed with their ‘Facebook Fame.’  that they get anxious after making an update on Facebook. They are always doing FB lives, sharing pictures, videos and making posts after every hour. They waste a lot of time in commenting, viewing other’s pictures, playing games or sharing memes. Even while eating, sleeping or doing important work they are scrolling FB side by side, which affects health, sleep, and even relationships.


We often hear news of violent clash over Facebook Posts. Recently in August 2020, violence broke out overnight in India’s Bangalore Over Facebook Post About Prophet Muhammad. Several people have been killed in the southern Indian city of Bangalore after rioting broke out, reportedly sparked by a Facebook post that some Muslims denounced as offensive and blasphemous.

6. Through Facebook spread a Fake News is easy

A lot of fake news and misinformation is being circulated on FB. Even during the emerge of corona virus we were seeing many false news about the pandemic, where everyone was spreading fake awareness and treatment of the disease which is even more contagious than any disaster.

7. Facebook may end up ruining relationship

FB is emerging as a major cause of breakdown in the relationships. If the partner spends a lot of time on mobile and is addicted to FB, it could lead to arguments and fights between the couples.

8. Facebook May Takes away your privacy

There is no expectation of privacy. While Facebook does have the right to distribute and share any of your content, it doesn’t own the copyright. And even if you wanted to take that power away from Facebook, you can’t do it by just writing it on your wall. 


So, these are the various uses and abuses of the Facebook. In conclusion, we must admit that there are both the advantages as well disadvantages of using Facebook. So it should be used in a limited and proper manner. Don’t share your personal information, current location, phone number or your children’s pictures and achievements on FB.

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