Who is Shweta? The MEME Girl !!!

Are you curious to know “Who is Shweta? The MEME Girl !!!”. Well, Ever since pandemic started there is huge increase in the usage of Zoom calls. Needless to say that there has been many bloopers already as people often forget to turn their camera or microphone off even after the meetings. There is one similar incident has happened in which Shweta was a participant as well. Shweta unknowingly ends up sharing some private conversation in a zoom call as she forgets to turn microphone off.

Who is Shweta? The MEME Girl !!!

It is definitely going to be hard for many viewers to start believing Shweta knowingly that how the secrets may end up being revealed.

Who is Shweta? The MEME Girl !!! – Watch The Video Here.

You can watch the video yourself. In the video you can listen Shweta’s friend asking her to turn the microphone off as there are total of 111 people are on the call.

Trending Memes on Shweta

Post this incident there are many girls named Shweta is trending on the internet. The trend can end up resulting similar consequences with what had happened to “Sonam” after “Sonam Bewafa Hai” had started trending.

Impact on Zoom’s Review

Post the incident many users from India has given 1 rating to the application and mentioning #justicetoShweta. There are many such incidents have been observed in the past where users have given 1 start rating to various apps.

There are few viewers who are now extra cautious after this incident. They are ensuring that there device’s microphone and camera are completely trending off when they are on a zoom call. Do you think that this incident will give rise to many software who can make sure that there is no such conversation gets leaked?

So now you know Who is Shweta? The MEME Girl !!! Read what else is trending here.

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