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Apache NiFi Course

3300+ Students Enrolled

This is the most latest course with more than 3300+ students enrolled in a month. This course has 7.5+ Hours of comprehensive hands-on lessons which can take you through the journey of Data Flow Manager from Beginners to Advance Level.

Redis Course

7300+ Students Enrolled

Redis is World's Fastest Database. It has more than 1 Billion Downloads on Docker. Enroll now and get access to 5+ Hours of comperehensive course.

Grafana Cover Image

1800+ Students Enrolled

Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization software available since 2014. It provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources. Click to start reading more...

Python Programming Guide

17,863+ Students Enrolled

Python Course in Very easy to understand language with real life examples. This course also has real life programs example, which will give you an excellent edge while building your own applications in Python.


10,582+ Students Enrolled

This course is good for someone who is not good in coding but want to create their own website using Liferay's Web Framework which is as robust as anyone can imagine. You need absolutely no coding skills in order to start building your website.

NiFi Admin

623+ Students Enrolled

Learn about Apache NiFi Administration and understand how Apache NiFi clustering works. This course also walks through some of the key concepts of Setting up SSL and other stuff.

What Students Say About Our Courses
"They are teaching the course in simple or understandable ("english") which we can understand and they were using simple daily usage example to understand practical knowledge where we were using program"
"They way the explanation of the program is done is so simple and easy to understand. Thank you for the simplicity. 🙂 The API program taught at the end is awesome and simple. Give this trainer a cookie."
"Grafana is a good alternative like web-dashboard. I am very happy to learn Grafana: good explanations and well suited topics."
"The Content and Content delivering is quite good. Easy to understand, Explained in detail. All concepts till now are cleared."

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