About Me

Hi, I am Vikas Kumar Jha. I created this website and my YouTube channel to create easy-to-follow tutorials on various trending IT technologies.

My Experience:

I have around 13 Years of experience working in an IT company on various automation tools like (Ansible, Terraform or automation through Python Scripts), reporting tools, and monitoring tools. You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn profile here.

My Courses:

I have published several courses on Udemy, you can find my Udemy profile here. Some of my best-selling courses are below:
– Redis
– Grafana
– Apache NiFi Developer and Apache NiFi Admin
– For Website development, I do have my course on Liferay
– For people interested in creating bots, I have a course teaching how to create and run Telegram Bots.

How to contact me?

For any query email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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