Mastering Grafana in 7+ Hours

Mastering Grafana in 7+ Hours

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What you’ll learn

  • Grafana Introduction
  • Grafana Overview and Overall Architecture
  • Installing Grafana on a Linux Server
  • Installing Grafana on Windows
  • Starting, and Stopping Grafana Services on Windows
  • Installing Grafana on Docker
  • Creating Grafana Dashboards
  • Grafana User Interface Overview
  • Installing and Managing InfluxDB Services
  • Installing and Managing Telegraf Services
  • Grafana Dashboard – Server Health Summary Dashboard
  • Graph Panel – CPU & Memory Utilization
  • Graph Panel – Multiple Servers & Problem Statement to use Grafana Variables
  • Custom Variable – Static Variable Values
  • Query Variable – Dynamic Variable Values
  • Dependent Varialbes – Cascaded Variables
  • Automatic Repeat Panel Based on Variable Value
  • Organizing Panels and Dashboards for Easy Management
  • Repeat Row to Create Dynamic Grafana “Summary Dashboard”
  • Fixing Y Axis’ Minimum and Maximum Value in Graph Panel
  • Creating Thresholds in Graph Visualizations
  • Python Program to Increase Memory Utilization for Testing Purpose
  • Creating Thresholds in Graph Visualization and StatsD Graphs
  • Advance Tabular Visualization With Gauge in one column
  • Advance Stat Visualization in Grafana 7
  • Exploring More Visualization Properties – Legends, Axis, Series Override
  • Creating Grafana Dashboard Using MySQL As Data Source
  • Using Custom SQL Query to Create Dashboard
  • Monitoring Websites and Docker Services
  • Monitoring Websites or URL Using Grafana
  • Monitor Docker Services
  • Installing Plugins
  • Installing Plugins and Creating Pie Chart Visualization
  • Creating Alerts and Annotation in Dashboards in Grafana
  • Grafana Email Alerts Configuration
  • Grafana and Telegram Integration and Alerts Configuration
  • Users and Roles Creation and Management in Grafana
  • User and Roles Creation in Grafana
  • Embedding Grafana Panel on Any Website
  • Embedding Grafana Panel in any HTML Page (Website)
  • Upgrading Grafana From Version 6 to Version 7 (Latest Version)
  • Upgrade Grafana From Version 6 to Version 7
  • Changing Grafana Database to MySQL


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