Python Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, I have compiled all the python frequently asked questions. This will help you to get started and

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If you are not from computers background then the question might be bothering your mind that what is Python.

Who invented Python? What was the reason for this new programming language when there were already many programming languages available?

Why is it called Python? Why not dragon or anything else.

How about license to use Python? Are there any copyright restrictions?

What is Python good for? Which are the things I can do with the help of Python programming language.

What is the latest version of Python? You can always check about latest python version here.

Where is Python source code? Can I modify python source code and redistribute it?

Which Python book I can read to quickly become master in Python?

What are some real life python projects? Where can I see list of python projects to get more experience.

What are the career opportunities in Python? Which position Python ranks among other programming languages?

What is integrated development environment? Which IDE should I use to star programming in Python? Is one IDE preferred over other?

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