I must say that Openshot is an excellent video editing software currently available. This software is at par with other paid video editing software. If you know all the tips and tricks of Openshot then you can get your work done at lightening speed.

Many a times when you install and run Openshot on your system you would have noticed that Openshot hangs or lags when you are editing video and watching the preview of that. In this video and article I would share with you the tips which you can follow in order to get rid of Openshot slowness issue.

Step 01: Open Openshot Software and Go To Edit->Preferences->Preview and change default profile setting to lower resolution. Please note that this change will not effect your final production of video. This option will only change the preview which you see while editing the video.

Step 02: Go To Edit->Preferences->Cache and increase the Cache Limit (MB) to 70% percent of the total memory available in your system. So for example, If you have 8 GB of RAM in your system then you shall change this value to around 5.5 GB which will be around 5600 (MB).

Step 03: Restart Openshot for these changes to make effect.

Step 04: Voilla !!! You would have noticed significant increase in the performance of Openshot.

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