What is the default username and password for Grafana login page?

In this article, we are going to discuss the default username and password for the Grafana web login page.

Default Grafana Username


Default Grafana Password


Default Grafana Web URL

Default URL for Grafana is: http://server_name_or_ip:3306/login

Default Grafana Database

Grafana uses SQLite as a default database.

Default Grafana Config File Location


Steps to reset default Grafana Username and Password

  1. Stop the Grafana server.
  2. Open the Grafana configuration file.
  3. Find the [security] section.
  4. Remove or comment on the existing admin_password.
  5. Restart the Grafana server.
  6. Access the Grafana web interface using the default credentials (admin/admin).
  7. Create a new password when prompted.
  8. Optionally, update the configuration file with the new password hash.
  9. Save changes and restart Grafana if necessary.

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