Installing Grafana on Windows

There are two approaches of installing Grafana on Windows

Approach 1: Install With Windows Installer

Windows Installer(64 Bit)


Approach 2: Install standalone Windows binary

  1. Click Download the zip fileImportant: After you’ve downloaded the zip file and before extracting it, make sure to open the properties for that file (right-click Properties) and select the unblock check box and then click Ok.
  2. Extract this folder to anywhere you want Grafana to run from.
  3. Start Grafana by executing grafana-server.exe, located in the bin directory, preferably from the command line. If you want to run Grafana as a Windows service, then download NSSM. It is very easy to add Grafana as a Windows service using that tool.

Default Grafana Web URL:


Default Grafana Username and Password:

username: admin
password: admin

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