Grafana and Telegram Integration

If you want to integrate Grafana and Telegram so that Grafana alerts can be received in any of the Telegram groups then this article is for you. In this article I am going to show you step by step approach to send Grafana Alerts on Telegram.

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Sending Alerts from Grafana to Telegram is very popular method. Let’s learn the integration by following step by step approach.

Creating Telegram Bot

First thing you need is a Telegram bot to be created using Telegram “botfather”. Here are the steps for that:

Grafana Configuration

Configurations Required in Grafana:
Step 01: Go to Grafana->Alerting->Notification Chanlles

Step 02: Click on “New Channel”

Step 03: Provide below details:

Name: You can give any logical name here. This is the same name you will be able to see while configuring alerts in Dashboard Visualization.
Type: Select “Telegram” here.
Bot API Token: Provide the Bot API Token, Which you received after creating a bot in Telegram “Botfather”.
Chat ID: In the below URL, Paste BOT API Token and then open the url on browser. This will provide you Chat ID of the Group your bot is part of.<<Provide BOT API Token Here>>/getUpdates

Sample “Chat ID”

Step 04: Click on “Send Test” To verify that everything is working as expected. You should see a notification stating “Test Notification sent”

Step 05: Check in the Telegram in which you have added the bot. Bot should have received a test notification something similar to as shown below:

Thanks for reading, If you have any queries please feel free to write in the comments box below.

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