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If you are planning Jakarta To Bali Road Trip and Looking for Information, Then you are at the right place. In this Blog I am going to share my experience about Traveling Jakarta To Bali By Road.

Cost of Living In Jakarta, Indonesia

Home Rental

  • In Home Rental You have two choices, either you can stay in private house or apartment, or you can stay in shared accommodation. Here is quick cost breakup of both the types.
  • Apartment or Individual Houses
    • 1 BHK House Rent: 6-7 Million IDR around South Jakarta or Central Jakarta
    • 2 BHK House Rent is 7-9 Million IDR around South Jakarta or Centra Jakarta
    • Here are some of the website which you can use to search for Houses and Apartments.
  • Staying in Shared Apartment
    Staying in a shared House or Apartment will typically cost you between 1.5 Million IDR to 3 Million IDR. These shared accommodations are called Kost and the same can be searched online from above mentioned websites. In a shared accommodation you typically get a Private room with an AC and TV, However kitchen and bathroom may be shared or Private depending on how much the rental is. The more the rental is, the more private facilities you will get.


We can break down transportation in two parts as well, Public Transport and Private Transport. So Let’s talk about Public Transport in Indonesia.

Public Transport in Indonesia

  • Blue Bird Taxi
  • Gojek (Use Gojek Application which is similar to Ola or Uber)
  • Grab (Use Grab Application which is similar to Ola or Uber)

Private Transport in Indonesia

  • Blue Bird Taxi
  • Gojek (Use Gojek Application which is similar to Ola or Uber)
  • Grab (Use Grab Application which is similar to Ola or Uber)


There are many Indian Groceries stores available, which you can use to compare the price. Typically for Indian goods prices will be approx. 4 times higher than back in India.

Apartment Rent

Getting Driving License in Jakarta

Since I do not have an International Driving License so the First Step for me was to getting an Indonesian Driving License. In many countries, you can drive by using just Indian Driving License for first few months, but that’s not the case here in Indonesia.
So I would recommend, If you are planning a Road Trip in Indonesia, then please get your International Driving License Made before travelling. Many people will recommend you that you can drive without the need of a driving license in Indonesia especially when you in Bali but I will seriously not recommend that. As you are carrying a serious risk by not abiding by the law of the land.

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Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali After Covid 19 New Normal and Tanah Lot Sunset Time-lapse

Tanah Lot ticket is currently Priced at 20,000 IDR Per Person. Car Parking is additional 5,000 IDR. There is no limited on how long you want to Stay in Tanah Lot, You can almost see from Sunrise to Sunset here in the same price. There are plenty of places to eat at Tanah Lot, However if you want you can bring your own food and eat at Tanah Lot.

Ubud Palace and Kitamani Volcano

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