In this article I am going to share my real experience of joining Wipro WILP program as part of WASE student. Wipro WILP, WASE or WISTA are essentially same with few differences. I recently completed 10 years of working with Wipro. It would be good if I share my experience with Fellow students or members who wish to join these Work Integrated Learning Program.

Wipro WILP WASE WISTA Overview

Work integrated learning programs provide you with the opportunity to continue with your studies while you work and earn money. The name “Work Integrated Learning Program” itself describes what these programs will offer. So in this article I will talk more about my experience of joining this program and then progressing in my career. If you prefer watching video then here is the one.

Total Work Experience

I now have total of 10 years of experience working with Wipro. I joined Wipro on 16th of November 2010 and have recently completed 10 years working with Wipro.

Educational Background

I graduated with B.Sc(IT) degree in 2009. Everyone knows how bad the recession was during 2008-2009. Recession really skimmed chances of job hunting in those years.

Work Experience Prior to Wipro WILP WASE WISTA

In order to continue making ends meet, I joined BPO (Convergys) and worked for almost eight to nine months there before joining Wipro WILP Program in November 2010.

Wipro WILP Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility to join WILP program was to ensure that students has scored minimum of 60 percentage from 10th standard until graduation. Mathematics subject was also one of the key requirements.

Wipro WILP Interview Format

As far as I remember, there were three rounds:

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Round

Almost a complete day was spent in these three rounds as the number of participants who came for the interview was quite large in numbers. I believe there were around 100+ participants to be interviewed that day.

Wipro WILP WASE WISTA Offer Letter

Two weeks after the interview I received Offer Letter on my personal Email ID which was provided when I filled the interview forms. My advise is to ensure you fill Email ID correctly as this will be the medium of communication between organization and participants.

Offer letter details about the program and the salary structure during the tenure of this program. Offer letter also contains the general hike which a candidate would get post completion of the program. I believe things might have changed a bit when I compare it with what it was ten years ago.

Wipro WILP WASE WISTA Service Agreement

I did have approximately four years of service agreement. We also had to provide some amount which gets refunded on the completion of the program. There might be changes on these as generally organizations keep changing these things depending on various things.

Wipro WILP WASE WISTA – Joining Location

My joining was in Mysore GSMC which is one of the several training locations. There is generally very less choice on opting for the training locations. I was not given any choice and offer letter clearly stated the joining location and the day of reporting to the joining location.

Wipro WILP WASE WISTA – Salary Structure

I can’t talk about salary structure of the program as this might be breach of the agreement. However usually there is salary increase each year and the salary increase is also clearly stated in the offer letter. I had read offer letter clearly before joining the program. If you are planning to join WILP program, make sure you go through offer letter properly before committing to it.

Note: I will be expanding this article with more insights…it is already late here and I would be writing more in upcoming days.

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