Commonly Asked Interview Questions For Freshers

Do you want guaranteed success during the interview? If yes, then you must know these commonly asked interview questions for freshers.

I hope all of you are doing excellent and staying safe during this Pandemic. In this article, I am going to talk about some very important things which as a Fresher you need to know during the interview. As a fresher, there are chances that you may make mistakes which can reduce your chances of selection. So, my goal in this article is to walk you through all the important Dos and Dont’s of an interview.

First thing first, Who am I? Why should you follow my advice?

I am an IT Professional with eleven years of experience and have been working with Wipro Technologies, which is one of the tops MNCs.

I have interviewed many people during my tenure of working in IT. You can connect to me on LinkedIn to see my profile.

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Topmost Commonly Asked Interview Questions For Freshers

Can you Introduce yourself?

This is probably the most commonly asked question. Many freshers start telling about a lot of personal details which is not required. You also don’t need to talk about what your father or mother does while introducing yourself.

Try to keep it short and simple.

You are shortlisted for the interview on the basis of your skill, so keep the conversation focused on your skills only. So, when the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself, Start with your name, from which university you have accomplished your studies. Apart from these you can tell them your interests and hobbies in just in 2-3 lines and that is enough. You can also mention your specific achievements. For instance, If you have achieved something extraordinary in coding or you are voluntarily doing something, you can tell all those things.

Why should I hire you?

Again, avoid giving diplomatic answers. See the below example,

“As a fresher, I am interested in learning new things. As a student, I learn things theoretically but I am waiting for an opportunity to implement them in a practical way. If you will hire me, I will do my best.”

So, most probably every student will speak these common lines.

In why should I hire you type of questions, you should always showcase your skillset. And those skillsets should match with the particular job profile, which you are interviewed for.

For example, If you are being interviewed for Java programming, and you say that you are waiting for an opportunity to prove yourself and you are very hardworking and all these. It is ok to some extent, but I would rather suggest that you should tell the interviewer that you are good in Java. What you have done in Java. If you have taken part in any programming competition in Java, you can mention all those things here.

You can answer that your skill level in Java will benefit the organization to reach more heights. So, basically you should relate your skillset with the job profile .

Can you work under pressure?

Such type of open ended questions could be asked to you, that can your work under pressure? So, again you need to be very positive and say that you can work under pressure. You can accomplish your tasks calmly under difficult situations. You can give them some examples, where you have performed well under any adverse situations.

Would you be able to work at the weekends if required?

Again, the working environment in IT is mostly from Monday to Friday. But the interviewer basically wants to know that in case, you need to work on Saturday or Sunday, will you be comfortable working on those days.

The company needs such people who are ready to take ownership. People who consider the company as their own and can work even at the weekends if any problem arises. So, always answer to this question in a positive way, that you are ready to take that ownership.

Tell me about your strength and weaknesses.

This is again a very common question which you will be asked in any interview. While talking about your strength always focus on your skillset. Also, try to keep your weaknesses bit professional. Always tell your real weakness.

For example, if you are a Java programmer and you also want to grow yourself in let us say, SQL, but you are not getting sufficient time to work on that skill.

Other than Java, you want to learn second language as well, in which you are a bit weak, you can tell those things.

What is the difference between Hard work and Smart work?

Whatever you have researched on Hard work and Smart work, you can mention those points here. But try to keep your answer based on real life experiences only. Again there is no need to repeat the same standard diplomatic lines. You can tell the employer that how you can do some work through programming rather than doing the same work manually and save a lot of time. The interviewer is definitely going to be impressed by you.

What is Confidence and Over confidence?

Now you know that everybody is going to repeat the same standard lines. Confidence is “I can do it.” Over confidence is “Only I can do it.”

So whatever real life experiences you can share, you can mention to differentiate between Confidence and Over confidence.

Suppose, you have an interview tomorrow and you go there without any preparation and research. That is over confidence. Confidence is, when you know that you will clear the interview but still you are searching and exploring the Job profile and the organization. You try to know the things that will help you in your job profile.

Why do you want to work with our company?

This is a very standard question that every interviewer is going to ask you, that why do you want to work with our company.

Suppose you are going for an interview in TCS and they ask you this question. You can not say that TCS is a big company and you want to be a part of it. Every top ten company already knows this, that we are the best company.

The interviewer is interested in knowing that how much have you explored about your job profile. Have you researched that what is the career and scope of that particular profile in TCS? Do you think that you should choose that career path in TCS?


So, these are some of the general questions that every interviewer is going to ask you. You can replace those old boring answers with these new smart replies. I hope this article is going to help you and will increase your chances of selection in any interview.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to write me in the comment section below.

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