Installing Apache NiFi Cluster on Linux

Installing Apache NiFi Cluster on Linux is pretty straightforward to be honest. If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you can pretty easily setup NiFi cluster pretty easily. Please follow the steps mentioned here. If there is any question, you can write in the comment box of the article.

Step 1: Update hosts file entry with below nifi01 nifi03 nifi02

Step 2: Update File on all the servers


Step 3: Create myid File

Create ./state/zookeeper/myid file on all the 3 instances

Step 4: Update content of myid file

Update the value of myid file to 1 on instance 1, 2 on instance 2 and 3 on instance 3

Step 5: Update file

Update these properties on all the three nodes:

On node1

On node2

On node3

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Apache NiFi Cluster Architecture
Apache NiFi Cluster Architecture

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