Google Ad-Sense Approval Tips in 2021

Google Adsense Approval Tips
Google Adsense Approval Tips

Who does not want to get their website approved by Google Adsense As soon as possible? I bet, Everyone does. Getting your website approved by Google Adsense is not as easy as probably you have thought. Be assured that with the tips available in this article will definitely help you get your website Adsense approved faster. Let’s begin with the article.

Tip 1: Good Website domain name is important

Have a good domain name of your website. This may not look like a big deal initially but a bad domain name really reduces organic traffic to your website. You may follow below guidelines while choosing a good domain name:

  1. Choose a .com domain over any other domains
  2. Use English keywords in your domain name search
  3. Keep your domain name short and simple
  4. Domain name should be easy to spell
  5. Domain name should be easy to pronounce. This will ensure people remember your website
  6. Domain name should not have hyphens, Underscore and any character which is difficult to type

Tip 2: Good Website Design

A good website design is easier to navigate and thus gets more traction. The easier you make your website viewers or blog readers to navigate from a page to another page, an article to another article the more they are going to stick to your website. This will helps in early monetization of your website.

Try to keep navigation menu of your website simple. One of the good example can be navigation bar.

Tip 3: Keep Mandatory Pages

Below mandatory pages makes it quite swift to get Google Adsense approved. You may check my website for writing sample contents in these pages.

  1. About Us
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms and Conditions

Tip 4: Write Good Quality Posts/Blogs

A website which has high quality and unique content gets easily monetized by Google Adsense. A well written blog ensures that viewers stick to your blogs and find it interesting to read. If you are not good in writing, you can always get in touch with content writes who can help write high quality blogs for your website at very nominal cost. Most of the blogs written on my website was from [email protected]

It is a good idea to spend some money to get good quality content written for your website. Here is a good example of what an excellent Blog Posts look like:

  1. Struggles of being a Single Mother
  2. Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips
  3. What Was Your Favorite Childhood Game?

Tip 5: Good Number of Posts Before Google Adsense Approval

If your website has just couple of blog posts and you apply for Google Adsense approval then the chances are that your website is just going to get rejected. Google is not going to approve your adsense request with a website which is just created as a place holder with no to zero content.

I would recommend your website to have at-least 25 to 30 good quality posts before your apply for Google Adsense Approval.

Tip 6: Write Unique content

I can’t emphasize significance of writing good quality unique contents enough. If your website has just random posts which are either completely copy pasted from somewhere or modified by copy pasting contents from other websites than you are probably not going to get Google Adsense approved any sooner. Also you are inviting a legal action and a copyright claim by copying someone else’s content.

Tip 7: Good Keywords or Tags

While writing a good blog is important but there is no comparison of having right keywords or tags for your Blogs. Right and Trending keywords related to your posts ensure good organic traffic to your website. It eventually will increase chances of your website’s Google Adsense approval.

Tip 8: Don’t aim for perfection in first time

Do not get disheartened if your website is not adsense approved even after following all the above steps. It generally takes time and chances are that your website probably will not get adsense approved in first time. Even I have received rejection previously before getting Google Adsense approved.

A rejection only means that you need to try a bit harder next time and bounce back stronger. Try to improve the quality of your blogs and follow all the above steps and reapply after 30 days or so. Why 30 days? Well it will give you good time to improve quality of your website and blogs.

Tip 9: Ask for help

If your website don’t get Adsense approved and you have received many rejections than the chances are that their is something wrong which you are not able to understand. So I would recommend to get in touch with someone who has good idea in this area. As an outsider it is very easy to notice what is preventing your website from Google Adsense Approval.

Tip 10: Thank people who helped you

I know the journey of buying a domain name to writing good quality blogs for Google Adsense approval is not easy and probably without the right set of people helping you it would never be possible. Often once your website is Adsense approved you may start forgetting people who helped you in the process. So being thankful to everyone who helped you is going to help you in the long run.

I hope you liked the post and it really helped you. If you have any questions in getting your website Adsene approved then do write in the comments section or you can email us. Do not forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for tips and tricks in getting more traffic to your website by writing effective content.

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