Upgrading from Grafana 6 to Grafana 7

In this article I am going to show you steps for Upgrading from Grafana 6 to Grafana 7. We will be installing Latest version of Grafana RPM on top of existing version (6) , in order to Upgrade Grafana. In this example we are using Linux (Centos) operating system.

Download Grafana Latest Version

First step is to install latest version of Grafana. Based on whenever you are reading this article latest version of Grafana may be different. You can always refer to latest version of Grafana from official Grafana website. In this example my operating system already has access to internet, so I am going to run wget command to download Grafana RPM.

wget https://dl.grafana.com/oss/release/grafana-7.0.1-1.x86_64.rpm

Installing Grafana 7

If you already have older version of Grafana installed then running higher version of Grafana on top of that results in the Upgrade of Grafana. So all you have to do is to start installation of latest version of Grafana as shown below.

sudo yum install grafana-7.0.1-1.x86_64.rpm

Backup Grafana Database before upgrade

Ensure to backup everything before proceeding with the Upgrade:

Backup the database. If you’re using SQLite Db then the Default Location would be as below:

[grafanaadmin@itpanther02 ~]$ ll /var/lib/grafana/
total 460
-rw-r--r--. 1 grafana grafana 471040 May 12 19:09 grafana.db

Backup the database. If you’re using MySQL Db then you can take the backup using below command, alternatively you can request your DBA team to do this for you.

Syntax: mysqldump -u <<username>> -h <<server hostname/ip>> -p<<password>> <<database name>> > <<output location>>
Example: mysqldump -u grafana -h localhost -pGrafana@2020 grafanadb > /home/grafanaadmin/grafana.sql

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