Grafana Email Alerts and Change Default Template

In this article I am going to show you how you can configure Grafana Email Alerts and Change Default Template. Please notice that in this article we have install Grafana on a Windows server. However, Steps are going to exactly the same regardless of which Operating System you have installed Grafana to.

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Grafana SMTP Integration To Send Email Alerts From Grafana

First and foremost step is that you should have SMTP details. You are going to get SMTP details from the project which you are working in. It might be provided to you by your client, so get in touch with them.

However if you want to Integrate SMTP for learning purpose then there are many SMTP providers are available. They provide you SMTP details with limitations of sending few free emails every day. You can google about Free SMTP Providers.

Adding SMTP Details in Grafana Configuration File

Open Grafana configuration file which by default is available at below locations depending on the Operating System Type:

  1. For Windows It is available at this location: C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\conf\Defaults
  2. For Unix/Linux it is available at the following location: /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

Required SMTP Details:

Below are the SMTP details which I have received from my provider, so I have updated that here. In your case, SMTP details will be different. Important thing to notice here is that you will have to change enabled = true for remaining changes to take effect.

Grafana Email Alerts and Change Default Template

Restarting Grafana Services

After making any changes in the configuration file, we need to restart Grafana Services. Changes take effect only after restart of Grafana Services. So for windows you can restart Grafana services by going to services management console as shown below.

Grafana Services Restart on Wnidows

Creating Alert Notification Channel In Grafana

Open Grafana (default URL is http://localhost:3000 )and from the left pane, select Alerting->Notification Channels as shown in below example.

Grafana Email Notification Channel configuration

Provide Notification Channel Name, Type and Addresses. You can provide multiple email addresses by separating them with a semicolon. In the notification settings, select “Include Images” to send panel images in the email body.

Click on “Test” and Grafana will send a Test email to confirm that Email settings are working properly. Here is the sample email which I have received.

Grafana Email Alert Test Email

Adding alerts in Grafana Panels

After you successfully create a working Email Notification Channel you can add alerts in your Grafana Panels. For this, go to alerts tab of any Grafana panel. Below is a sample which sends an email alert whenever free memory goes down to less than 3,000,000,000 bytes.

In the Notification select the newly created Notification Channel, and in “Message” you can type the message you want to see in the email body.

That is it. Save it and now you should receive an email whenever value goes below threshold based on the rule you have defined.

Email Alert configuration in Grafana Panel

Default Email Alert Template

Default email alert will look like below. But don’t worry you can change the default template and I will show you how.

Default Grafana Email alert template

Changing Default Email Template

All the notification email templates are kept at below locations based on the type of Operating System.

Windows Default path: C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\public\emails\

Unix/Linux Default path: /etc/grafana/public/emails/

Changing Default Email Template

Open alert_notification.html file and make changes in this file based on your requirement. In this example I am just making one word change in the footer. I am changing Copyright information from default (Grafana Labs) to vikasjha001 (which is my youtube channel username as well).

Changing grafana alert_notification.html file.

Restart Grafana Services

Whenever you make any changes in Email Templates, you will have to restart Grafana. Changes will take effect immediately after a successful start of Grafana Services. Here is the email alert I received after making the change.

Hopefully you liked this article. You can continue reading more about Grafana here.

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